Company / Brand: Dolly Dim Sum
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Price Range: RM7-RM12 and Above
Operation: Monday-Sunday 11.00am-10.00pm
Contact: 0321813830
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Dolly Dim Sum is our modern interpretation of a traditional Chinese tea house. It is a contemporized dim sum house that offers an all-day grazing experience, specializing in modern authentic dim sum.

Dim sum literally means “to touch the heart”. To us dim sum is an art form – each piece is delicate and exquisite, much like a “dolly”. At Dolly Dim Sum, we are proud to offer a unique dining experience encompassing quality of ingredients, heartfelt service and an impeccable dining ambiance.

Our menu encompasses all of the traditional dim sum dishes you know and love, such as classic “Har Gao” prawn dumpling, tender chicken and prawn “Siew Mai” and freshly baked flaky egg tarts. We have also specially designed a drinks menu to accompany you on your dim sum taste discovery with oriental-inspired drinks, such as Lemongrass-infused Jasmine Iced Tea, Pu Er Old-Fashioned and Prohibition Ice Tea.