Company / Brand: 10Gram
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Price Range: RM10-RM30
Operation: Monday-Sunday 10.00am-11.00pm
Contact: 03-90110500
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Looking for some good food in Mahkota? Hang around here you would find one special designed café restaurant with a Container Room. Besides, you would also notice sign of Deer is everywhere in the café. That’s right! Here you are at the 10 gram Gourmet!!

Chinese and Western Fusion Food are provided here. There are the western’s All Day Breakfast, Salad, local noodles, rice, homemade sandwiches, Spaghetti Series, Chops, Hamburgers, pizza and various of snacks and more. A lot of families love to gather here. At the same time, the dessert here are popular among the youngster!! Different kind of creatively named beverages!! It’s hard to make decision on what to eat by reading the menu once!!

If you are not allergy with the coffee, you must try the “Rainy Day”, a cup of black coffee with cotton candy. While the hot coffee heated up the cotton candy which is placed on top of it, the cotton candy melted slowly like rain, this has created a beautiful rainy scenario. Besides, the cotton candy has the function of sugar of the black coffee or you can eat it straight away. Enjoy Rainy Day with the way you like!