Malaysians are well-known for their rich cultural heritage. Their tourism areas and excellent infrastructure will also appeal to you. Many foreigners come to this country solely to experience it. It’s no secret that Malaysians are rigorous about consuming alcoholic beverages, but there are plenty of delicious healthy drinks to sample when you visit.

1. Palm Wine

Palm wine is a popular local beverage prepared from the blossoms of coconut, palm, or sugar palm trees. Before it is fermented, the white liquid that accumulates is usually quite sweet and non-alcoholic. It is primarily consumed in Asia and Africa. It is considered to be worth more than the value of timber sold due to the money obtained from the consumption of palm tree juice.

2. Teh Tarik

In Malaysia, Teh Tarik tea is widely drank. It’s a national beverage created with a large amount of sweetened condensed milk. Malaysia produces about 7 million kg of tea every year. The word “tarik” literally means “pulling,” as in pouring tea from one container to another. Watching someone pour scalding tea into another container while “pulling” the tea by moving the containers away from each other without losing a drop is a sight to behold.

3. Limau Ais

If you like lemonade, you’ll enjoy this cocktail. Fresh lime juice, water, ice, and sugar syrup are all used to make Limau Ais. An iced lime juice drink is the ideal method to cool down on a hot day in Malaysia. It has a sweet and zesty flavor. Limau Ais is one of Malaysia’s most delicious beverage.

4. Ambra Fruit & Sour Plum Juice

Ambra is a tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia. In the region, it is known by a variety of names. It is known among Malays in Penang as Ambra or Buah Kedondong. The fruit is about the size of a lemon and is oval in shape. It’s a dark green color with a rough texture. The fruit is sliced into pieces in Malaysia and used in rojak, a unique mixed fruit salad popular in Penang.

The juice derived from the ambra fruit is used to cure throat and cough diseases by the locals. At a neighborhood food booth, we had Ambra juice combined with sour plum juice and found it to be extremely excellent. The juice has a citrus flavor and is very easy to consume. It’s not overly sweet, and it’s especially refreshing when blended with ice.

5. Dragon Fruit & Lemon Juice

We love dragon fruits and were startled to see them on a drink menu at a neighborhood food stand the first time we saw them. We ordered it without hesitation, ready to compare the flavors of the juice and the fruits. We were taken aback by the drink’s brilliant pink hue and rich texture when it arrived. The flavor was excellent when coupled with the lemon juice. It is not sweet, like many other Malaysian drinks, and you can taste the natural fruits without any artificial flavoring.