Company / Brand: Sushi Azabu
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Price Range: RM6-RM420
Operation: Tuesday-Sunday 12:00pm-3:00 pm , 6:00pm-1:00pm
Contact: 03-21192624
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A Michelin-starred sushi restaurant from New York, Sushi Azabu imports their seafood from Japan two to three times a week, and they specialize in tuna, sea eel and gizzard shad (a type of herring). This here is an authentic sushi experience that’s not common in KL: The fish or seafood such as scallop and prawn will be seasoned by the chef before serving, so it’s best eaten as is without any additional soy sauce or wasabi on the side. However, while salmon is not traditionally eaten in Japan, you’ll find it on the menu as it’s a popular demand in our city.