*The number order in this list is not determine their ranking.

1. Frisky Goat

The name “Frisky Goat” was coined from what believed to how coffee was first discovered. Patrons crowd this place for their coffee and breakfast platters. Do try their signature dish, the Beef Ribs, which got the patrons returning for more. Beef ribs was cooked to perfection, with the meat-falling-off-bones experience.

2. Pickle & Fiq

Another comfort café within the TTDI vicinity which has its own following. Located at a rather quieter spot in TTDI, Pickle & Fig has a rather comfortable ambiance which one could spend hours there without realizing. Pickle and Fig offers something a little more wholesome where salads, light bites, and sandwiches dominate the menu along with freshly-made smoothies

3. Top Shelf

Looking for French cuisine. Then Topshelf is the place to be! With a casual dining theme in mind, patrons can relish a mesmerizing experience having French cuisine yet be at peace when the bill arrives. Satisfy your cravings for Boeuf Bourguignon and Linguini alle Vongole here.

Serving from an array of coffees to breakfast platters to waffles, Grumpy Cyclist is a place for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. The Crespella pancakes are a hit among both young and old. Close to heart, comfort fluffy pancakes with a layer of chocolate chips.

4. D, Cengkih

D’Cengkih for a taste of authentic Johorean cuisine where dishes are laid out as far and wide as the eye can see. With its carbs-heavy mix of white rice and fried mee, accompanied by an assortment of lauk from beef to Javanese-style vegetables, this dish is not for the faint-hearted.

5. Mukha

Come to Mukha for a great selection of Arabic-inspired foods.  Their famous dish is Kacang Pol.  Made with foul beans, this hearty dish is cooked with Middle Eastern spices, drizzled with olive oil and topped with a baked egg.  Beautifully decked out in vintage furniture, this cafe simply exudes comforting vibes that’ll get you returning week after week.

6. Foo Foo

This home of beautiful, refined desserts is a real wonderland for the sweet tooth. Enjoy the beautifully contrasting flavours and textures, from the airy pastry, to the smooth and sweet ice cream, to the tangy candied oranges. Mango lychee ice cream slice with fruit salsa. A very refreshing dessert that make your palate dancing.

7. Fickle

This kitschy cafe’s menu is made up of a fun mix of local and Western flavours. Serving from a variety of baked breads to desserts, Fikcles has rather interesting fusion food on its menu. Whipping up fusion Malaysian food such as Salted Egg Squid Wrap and Lonteng Goreng has been Fikcles forte.

8. Santai

Come weekend mornings, though, crowds line up at the food station set up outside to get a piping hot plate of oh-so-fluffy and fragrant nasi lemak along with a selection of dishes to choose from. Their forte dishes is malay cuisine style. Their enviroment full of traditional and village thing.

9. Dotty

Well known for its owned brand for artisanal pastries, cakes and breads. In addition, each delectable treat at Dotty’s is a brainchild of the dedicated and passionate chefs and baristas who continuously strive to present an innovative dining experience of the highest quality to the guests.

10. Little Wonton

Tucked away on the first floor along the buzzing Rahim Kajai row is this quaint little noodles and wonton shop, loved by TTDI-ians for its straightforward menu and reasonable prices.