Top 10 Food Places Can Find In PJ

Malaysia to be known as food paradise. All kind food can get in Malaysia. So there is so many food places you can search through out the Malaysia. Its so hard to choice whether that food places is good or not. So this is the list top 10 restaurant you can eat in Putrajaya(PJ) . Also the number order in this list is not determine their ranking.


If you burger lover and also wanted to taste unique burger you can go to the myBurgerlab. Why this is unique their color burger bun is black.The buns is black cause it baked with charcoal.  Furthermore all the procedure making burger from scratch. Owners Teoh Wee Kiat and Chin Ren Yi believe that great burgers are made to order from scratch, which is why they always start with 100% meat that is never frozen. The meat they grind by themselve in order to give freshness and juicy meat.

2. Fatty Crab Restaurant

Fatty Crab Restaurant specialized in preparing food with crab. Their reputation to be known serving crab food. There are many kind dishes that prepared with crab as their main ingredient. As the name restaurant fatty crab, their crab full with meat. Furthermore, not they only served crab food. They served many kind food such as squid, prawn, fried rice and many more. If you craving for crab, you can come to this place!

3. Kanna Curry House

Kanna Curry House is a South Indian eatery that involves two shop parts at the edge of Section 17 in Petaling Jaya, remarkably known for its honor winning banana leaf rice. The inside is cooled which is typically completely possessed amid noon, yet starving visitors who need to appreciate the night breeze can decide on the outside eating region inverse the eatery. The open air eating region has a few fans and huge trees for the solace of its coffee shops amid the more sultry atmosphere.

4.Village Park

Nasi lemak is one of the popular food in the Malaysia. Also nasi lemak is symbol of the food unity among races in the Malaysia. It become symbol because every person lived in the Malaysia love nasi lemak. For those who want eat nasi lemak in PJ, you go Village Park. Village Park is very popular and often comes in top for nasi lemak, especially after they had been named as the best nasi lemak by FriedChillies.

5. MyElephant

MyElephant is been known as Thailand cuisine restaurant famous in the PJ. myELEPHANT™’s story began from the love of simple good food. The three founding Elephant Mahouts recruited the help of a talented Thai chef, and opened a full menu, authentic Thai restaurant in 2007. As the neighbour country, Thailand cuisine absorb into Malaysia culture. As result Malaysian people like Thailand cuisine because their spice in the food is very good. So myElephant provide Thailand dishes for those wanted to eat Thailand cuisine.

6. Bistro a’Table

Bistro a’Table is serving french cuisine.that lead by headchef  Isadora Chai. The reputation of the restaurant is good. Bistro a’Table have got the award. The award is 2017 Malaysia Tatler Best Restaurant Guide and many more. Also Bistro a’Table served vegetarian food for those cannot eat meat.

7. Stranger at 47 Cafe

Stranger at 47 Cafe at Petaling Jaya is a beguiling weekend hotspot set among a hoisted stretch of home-developed restaurants in a calm Kuala Lumpur neighborhood. Aside from the staple cafe contributions of cakes, natural product juices, espressos teas, the fundamental draw here is their imaginative crepe formulas that make for fulfilling throughout the day morning meals and sweets.

8. Genji Japanese Restaurant

Genji Japanese Restaurant at Hilton Petaling Jaya carved a reputation for its consistent quality of food with a myriad of country-style Japanese cuisine of seasonal delicacies, ideal for social dining with family and friends, and work-dining with business associates.

8. Toh Yuen Chinese Restaurant

Enjoy an authentic Chinese Dining experience and sample delicious house specialties from Peking Duck to fresh seafood dishes at this contemporary Petaling Jaya restaurant. For a special family occasion or business function, gather in one of the four private dining rooms at Toh Yuen Chinese Restaurant.

9. Beard Brothers’ BBQ

Opening their doors from 4 pm until they’re sold out, Beard Brothers BBQ is dishing out traditional low-and-slow style barbecue, with cuts and options that include beef brisket, beef ribs, lamb shoulder, chicken and a variety of sausages. Each of the meats, although of different cuts and varieties, is fall apart tender, oozing with moisture, and exploding with the rich flavours you would expect from being encased in a cast iron smoker for 18 hours.

10. Antipodean Café

Antipodean Café is certain to satisfy any individual who adores a long, comfortable breakfast, regardless of whether you are an enthusiast of a generous burrito wrap or solid avocado on toast. Curious yet hip, this minimal bistro got a great deal of local people discussing its throughout the day breakfast menu when it initially rose on the city’s foodie scene.


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December 10, 2018