Malaysians are known for their love of food, and we make the majority of our plans around eating and/or drinking. There’s something more we like to do in between meals or after dinner: snack. As a result, it was only natural for us to create our own line of snacks to chew on and thoroughly enjoy! If you’re looking for Malaysian snacks, you’ve come to the right place. You’ve arrived to the right location. The Best Malaysian Snacks are Listed Below!

1. Super Rings

Super Ring’s packaging is instantly recognizable, with its brilliant blue wrapping and orange-colored rings, one of which is Super Ring. Super Ring is a cheese-flavored snack with a crunchy yet airy feel, and it’s not too salty or filling. You’ll get more and more cheese powder stuck on your lips as you eat more of these rings, which is excellent for licking off after you complete them for one last taste!

2. Snek Ku Mi Mi

Mimi is a prawn-flavored snack that doesn’t have a particularly strong seafood flavor, so it won’t stay on your fingers for long. Mimi is crunchy and savory, and it’s bite-sized, so it’s ideal for snacking. Don’t try to eat it all at once; it’ll take too long. Pour a big amount into your palm and enjoy!

3. Mamee Monster

Mamee Monster is similar to quick noodles in that it does not require any preparation. It comes in a number of flavors, and you can either eat it whole (which isn’t suggested) or smash it in the box and chew on the bite-sized pieces (do this). You also rip the seasoning open and throw it in the packaging with the “noodles,” shaking them all around for a greater flavor.

4. Wang Wang Senbei Crackers

These rice crackers are crunchy and airy, yet slightly firmer and crumblier than Super Ring. It’s also covered on the outside with a fine, fine coat of salt, but the inside is simple, so the two flavors go nicely together. This is a really popular snack in a lot of places and one of my favorite snacks ever since when I was a little kid!

5. Popo Muruku Ikan

People recognize it by its famous red-and-white box with a baby, even if they don’t know what it’s called. This snack is crunchy but not fluffy, and the flavor is savory but not overly salty. Popo Muruku Ikan is highly addicting due to its bite-size size and convenience for snacking, and it lacks a strong fishy odor despite being fish-flavored (“ikan” means fish in Malay).